Intercession of the Holy Virgin and Saint Sergius
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
14 Alvin Street, Glen Cove, NY 11542

Welcome to Our Church! - Добро Пожаловать в Наш Приход!

 On 26 November 2011, the parish of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin and St. Sergius in Glen Cove, NY celebrated the 60th anniversary of the full consecration of our church.

In 1949, Prince Serge Beloselsky-Belozersky and his wife Florence donated funds for the purchase of a small property to be used as a home for the aged in Glen Cove on Long Island.  Dimitry D. Mitkevich, who was appointed director of the home, purchased five more such buildings in the area for a similar purpose with funds donated by Prince Beloselsky. The Prince established an organization – the Russian-American Aid Society – to manage the properties.

Russian émigrés, many of whom had fled the horrors of the USSR, and survived revolution, wars, and dislocation, found comfort in the homes established by Prince Beloselsky.

In 1950, the Prince set up a small church in the basement of the building and regular services commenced.  The first rector was Priest Michael Korchak-Sivitsky.  Soon after, the church was moved out of the basement into a remodeled garage that was situated behind the home.  The parish grew quickly with the influx of many émigrés arriving after the Second World War to Glen Cove and neighboring Sea Cliff.

On November 26, 1951, the church was fully consecrated by His Beatitude Metropolitan Anastassy.  The church soon became an important center of émigré life.  Protopriest Daniel Dumsky became the second rector of the parish in 1951.

Four years later, another church, dedicated to St. Seraphim of Sarov, was built in the neighboring town of Sea Cliff.  Father Daniel was transferred to that parish and the Synod appointed Priest Emmanuel Essensky in his place.  Father Emmanuel was rector until his tonsure and consecration as Bishop Constantine in 1968.  He was a master wood carver and his carvings adorn both the interior and exterior of the church.  He built and decorated with carvings a new iconostasis (altar screen), a chandelier and many icon cases. The Architect Valentine Glinin, a parishioner, crafted two shingled onion domes, and in time, the place of worship took on the appearance of an inviting Russian village church.

After Bishop Constantine’s departure, Father Michael Korchak-Sivitsky was again appointed rector; he was succeeded after his repose in 1978 by Protopriest Alexander Kovalev, then Priests Serge Klestov, Mark Burachek, Victor Ivanov and  Priestmonk Andrew (Kostadis). Since 2004, Father Alexandre Antchoutine has served as rector. Gabriel G. Temidis has been the church warden without interruption since 1971

In 1996 the nearby parish of St. Sergius of Radonezh was combined into the parish. Today, the parish, now named Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin and St. Sergius, continues to grow and develop thanks to the good works of its pastor, its congregation and the arrival of new émigrés from Russia.

In 2004, construction of a large Parish Hall was completed. Soon after, a parish school was established. 

The church contains several sacred objects worth noting: an ikon of the Mother of God that has miraculously renewed itself, relics of the Great-Martyr and Healer Panteleimon, the skufya (cap) of St. Metrophanes, Bishop of Voronezh, and many rare and beautiful old icons.

Our beautiful services are conducted in Church Slavonic and are enhanced by the choir, directed by Peter A. Fekula.

While we are a traditional, Russian Orthodox parish, today our Church is home to Orthodox believers of many ethnic backgrounds and all are welcome. Please visit us, come to one of our services and experience the Ancient Faith.